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About PreservedFlower
Round Arrange is suit Love & Romance
Fresh or Dried?
Nobody think preserved flower as a dried flower,but strictly speaking,it is not also fresh.
Thanks to their unique longevity,preserved flower arrangements and bouquets can be assembled in advance and kept for a substantial period of time.They are ideal arrangements for weddings and gifts and to place in homes,hotels,and restaurants.Indeed,these unique flowers offer advantages of both fresh and dried flowers.
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For your eternal remembrance,we offer the preserved Flower items.
Preserved Flower Corsages

Talking about Preserved Flower,we can't help emphasizing its prime particularity
'longevity flower'.
Preserved Flower arranges will keep
its original style for few years.
Preserved Flower Corsages

Preserved Flower Boutnnieres
(For Lady)
Preserved Flower Boutnnieres
(For Gents)

For its particularity,Preserved Flower can represent such a blue color.
(No rose in the world which has blue color.)
Preserved Flower Bouquets

Preserved Flower Wristlets

You can buy preserved flower arranges and products here You can see special offers here
Preserved Flower Arrange「Any Occation」
You can buy fine arranges here
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